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人教版九年级英语unit5第二课时sectionA2a-4课件.ppt 13页

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Unit 5 It must belong to Carla. Period 2 sectionA(2a-4) 1.The notebook ___________be Ming’s. It was on her desk. 2.The homework _______be Carol’s. She wasn’t at school today. 3. The soccer ball _______be John’ s or Tony’s. They both play soccer, don’t they? 4. The French book ________be Li Ying’s. She’s the only one who’s studying French. 5. I can’t find my backpack. It ___________ be still at school. 6. The photo ______be Lu’s. Those are his parents. 7. The red bicycle _______be Hu’s. She has a blue bicycle. 8. This ticket _______be my aunt’s or uncle’s. They’re both going to the concert. Can you guess who he/she is He/She can’t be _______. He/She could/might be _______. He/She must be _______. Guess the owner of the following item like: T: whose watch is this? S: It must/might/ could/can’t be xxx’s. * * * * * * * must can’t Could may might 100% probably true 20%-80% possibly true 0 almost not true Could may might 3. 2. 1. T-shirt Things in the backpack hair band tennis balls Bob and Anna found a backpack in front of their school.Listen and write down the things in the backpack. 2a 2b Listen again. Fill in the blanks. can’t could might must She /He must be--- She/He might/could be--- She/He can’t be--- If you have any idea where it might be, please call me. I think I dropped it during the concert so it might still be in the symphony hall. Dear Anna, 交响乐 5 2


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